Commercial Chess League of New York

Division A Captains/Contacts (by team number)

1. Albano Law Office 1, Gerry Albano, Co-captain, Vitaliano V. Rafael
2. Chess Connections 1, Adia Onyango
3. NYC&G Brooklyn, Szymon Rudowski, Co-captain Pavel Genkin, Non-playing co-captains Tom Amato, Christian Whitted
4. Azzurri, Luca Dona
5. 52nd Street Chess Club, Oliver Paredes, Co-captain Augie Nugent
6. Transit Authority, Frank Rizzo, Co-captains, Larry Burns, Tom Bevington

Division B Captains/Contacts (by team number)

1. PhilAmCC, Rito Ilao, Co-captain, Mike Layevskiy
2. Chess Connections 2, Non-playing Adia Onyango
3. MetLife, Ralph Frisch, Co-captain Phil Lehpamer
4. Stuyvesant Town 1, Dennis Karlovich
5. Con Edison PowerPushers, David Diamond
6. Albano Law Office 2, Bien Villanueva, Non-playing Co-captain Gerry Albano

Division C Captains/Contacts (by team number)

1. Mutual of America, Paul Luciow, Co-captains Joseph Papaleo, Jeff Tsai
2. Stuyvesant Town 2, Robert Kwest
3. Swiss Re, Dan Katz, Co-captain Bruno Bauer
4. The Bad Bishops, Jose Leon, Co-captain Mahammatt Baba
5. Brooklyn NightHawks, Leon Allen
6. Team Chessimos, Carlos Rodriguez

Reporting of the Results

Home team captain is responsible for reporting the results of the match by noon on the following day to the League Secretary.

League Officers

League Secretary: Phil Lehpamer
League TD: Adia Onyango
League Treasurer: Paul Landau
Webmaster: Steve Saul

Location of Matches

Mutual of America is located at 320 Park Avenue NYC (near 51st street).
Transit Authority is located 2 Broadway, at the tip of Manhattan.
Con Edison is located at Union Square East NYC; 4 Irving Place (near 15th street).
Swiss Re is located at 55 E. 52nd Street NYC (Take the escalator to the second level to check in with Security. After obtaining a pass, take the elevator to the floor designated by the Swiss Re Captain for that match, and a Swiss Re player will unlock the glass doors on that elevator floor.)
NYC&GBrooklyn plays at New York Chess & Games, 192 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Please Note:

Players entering corporate or company buildings must have photo id. The visiting team captain is responsible to notify players about this condition.
Before each round the League Secretary will identify the sites and matches to be held at those sites when he sends out the results from the prior round.